My Post Wedding Bride and Groom Album…3 years later


I am finally making time for my own memories.
After completing the design work on my own wedding album, I wanted to get caught up with other great photos. Having these images only on my computer makes me feel ashamed so getting them designed and ready to be printed in albums is at the top of my list.

In 2009 we did a re-shoot of our bride and groom images after successfully being married for 500 days.  We did this for a few reasons. A big one is that I didn’t feel like I looked how I wanted to on my wedding day, I just don’t think I look liked myself. I looked how I thought a bride is “supposed” to look and that is just not me at all. I wanted a poofy dress, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a poofy dress. Not a cinderella dress, but just a lovely, classic, full skirt silhouette. It works for my shape and personality. Unfortunately, the very lame “consultant” at David’s bridal just flat out said I can’t put a poofy skirt under my dress. We had such a short engagement, I just let it slide and settled. On top of this, I think my jewelry was lame and my lack of any accessories that expressed my style was disappointing. I was crazy about the back of my hair on my actual wedding day, but realized later than only the front really showed in photos…primarily because thats where my face is so you can’t really avoid that.

In addition to how I felt about not being “me” so much, Ryan was also not himself on our wedding day. We both did things we thought we were supposed to do rather than the things that fit us well. I’ll just say it, Ryan looks stupid in a suit jacket. He just has the wrong build for it. He is shorter and has super wide shoulders so it’s strange fitting so we wanted to switch up his clothes as well so he looked like his normal handsome self.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my wedding images and as I stated before in my previous post, I LOVE my album. However, why not take more photos and fix some things we may have regretted when looking back? …and really…I’ll take ANY excuse to get back in my dress :) Thus, the idea to have them re-done was born. I didn’t want to trash the dress because I wanted to keep it so we just went out with the intention of not destroying it, but also not freaking out if it got dirty. Wedding dresses are more resilient than people give them credit for. I didn’t care about the state of my dress on my actual wedding day and it did get a little dirty but you know, 4 years later people don’t talk about how I had a little dirt on my dress.

I’m very glad we did this shoot. It gave me a great idea to have this done every year or every few years. My dress is extremely timeless and simple so it can be accessorized many different ways and I’m committed to always fitting into it. I think having photos taken together in different styles but with the same dress throughout our whole marriage is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to be in my 50′s and 60′s and be wearing this dress for photos. I am going to make an album for each time we do this as well. Just think of the amazing volumes of books there will be by the time we are old! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

I’m also very excited to be shot by all my favorite photographers. Thats a very big item on my bucket list and this gives me a reason to make it happen. I like the idea of challenging each photographer….showing them what we have done and seeing what they come up with to make it different than the other shoots.

On top of this being fun and great memories to add to every year, I think getting back in my dress feels good. It takes me back. It makes me feel beautiful, it makes me remember how Ryan looked at me in that dress on our wedding day. I want to always remind him of that girl.

A GINORMOUS thank you to our good friend Vince of McVay Vision for taking these photos…and allowing me to edit them. :) I have absolutely wonderful memories from this shoot and the photos are beautiful. He is such a great friend and an amazing photographer. I can’t think of another kalamazoo photographer I would want to be shot by more than him. Not only are they great pictures, but just being around him at the shoot was so much fun because he has such a quirky personality.

Enjoy Volume #1 of…whatever I decide to call this series of photos that shall happen over my lifetime. :)

*NOTE: I realized after I made the book that there are a lot more spreads of just me than of Ryan. It just happened to turn out that way. Ryan is still working on being more comfortable on the other side of the camera :)

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