Father’s Day Giveaway!!

Father’s Day is coming up quickly! I am a BIG sucker for top notch dads. My dad has always been amazing. He is super laid back and fun but still strong and disciplined. He is the kind of guy that you can always depend on and he would do anything for his family.

Although I spent more time with my mom growing up, I am SO much like my dad. That makes me believe in the power of genetics in a big way. He taught me how to work hard and that struggling builds character and without realizing it, how to be strong. With every big struggle in my life, I’ve relentlessly worked to get through it knowing that it wasn’t so bad because I’d have good character in the end of it all. That has shaped who I am in such a big way. I feel proud to have Johnson blood because Johnson’s aren’t quitters. We are tough, strong and hard workers.

I grew up never questioning my loyalty or respect for my father. Just that fact alone makes me feel very lucky.

I know it can’t be easy to be a father so to be a great one requires a truly great man. So, I’d like to do something nice for another great dad. Amazing dad’s spend so much of their life working and sacrificing for their family. Thus, I’m giving away one FREE family session AND an 8×8 custom designed photo album.

So tell me your story. Tell me about your father or husband and what makes me him great. Be as specific as you can. :)  Submitting a video nominating your husband or father might give you a leg up as well…. just sayin… :)

Here’s what you do:

1. You must submit your entry by Father’s day on June 17th.
2. Tell me your story either by email or video. I’m looking for great stories of great men.
3. Include a photo of your family
4. To submit your entry, please email everything to Holly@GAUPERphoto.com

I can’t wait to hear all your stories!


*The session will be in Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids. If you are from another area, feel free to enter but you will have to travel to come to the shoot.

*The session cannot be scheduled on a Saturday and must happen by the end of July. (If there are special circumstances where it cannot happen by the end of July, we may be able to work something out. That is limited to illness or being away in the military.)

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